This Week in Cyber October 2020 Week 4

Sunday, November 1, 2020

October 2020 Week 4

  1. Vendors Lead to Breaches?

Great article about the affect of vendors and 3rd party partners on organizations cyber health. Using data collected by Opinion Matters on behalf of Blue Voyant 80% of organizations have suffered a 3rd party related breach in the past 12 months. This article furthers the conversation around vendor reliance and the need for companies to either home-grow or develop a strict monitoring / auditing process for partners who touch data (which, they almost all certainly do)

  1. ESET Q3 2020 Threat Report

The Slovakian anti-virus and firewall products company ESET has released their Q3 2020 Threat report. There’s a lot to digest here, some more notable findings are the increase in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) attacks and their work in the “Statistics & Trends” section.

what is “This Week in Cyber”?

I wanted to start a weekly post to highlight some of the Cyber related things I’ve found / read / or done that week. Could be a little, could be a lot.

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